CHI Aviation in Vertical Magazine for Diverse Helicopter Services

Down an unassuming dirt road leading to Livingston County Airport in rural Michigan, outside the small city of Howell, sits what appears to be — at least
on first glance — an equally unassuming hangar. But get a little closer, and there are clues to be found —the manicured lawns that surround the facility, the pristine parking lot, the immaculately decorated interior with hallways that feature dimensionally exact runway markings — that this is home to no ordinary utility helicopter company. It is, in fact, the headquarters of CHI Aviation — the company that made headlines and grabbed wider industry attention last year when it took over VIH Cougar’s offshore contracts in the hugely competitive Gulf of Mexico, a market that’s not used to having to welcome new entrants. Formerly known as Construction Helicopters, it’s a company that has been more than happy to remain under the radar until its enormous growth made that no longer possible…

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