The Bell 212HP is a two blade, twin-engine medium helicopter and favorite of the US Forest Service.  It is highly versatile helicopter and capable of carrying up to nine passengers or employing a water bucket for Fire Fighting operations.

The additional safety of twin-engine redundancy makes it the perfect helicopter for search and rescue, offshore passenger transport and on-demand air carriage operations. Our Bell 212HP offers better performance in hot weather and higher altitudes, is configured for carrying up to 9 passengers inside the cabin, and is equipped with an external cargo hook which makes this helicopter a favorite for various US government agencies like the US Forest Service who uses the Bell 212HP for firefighting operations.


Length: 57 ft 2 in (17.43 m)

Rotor diameter: 48 ft (14.63 m)

Height: 12 ft 7 in (3.83 m)

Disc area: 1,810 ft² (168.3 m²)

Range: 237 nm (439 km)

Maximum speed: 120 kn (138 mph)

Cruise speed: 100 kn (115 mph) 

Service ceiling: 20,000 ft 

Rate of Climb: 1,320 fpm @ max gross weight

Engines: Pratt & Whitney Twin-Pac

Horsepower: 1,800 shp

Crew: 1/2 (pilots)

Capacity: 9 passengers

Empty weight: 6600 lb (2,994 kg)

Max. gross weight: 11,200 lb (5,080 kg)

Internal Weight capacity: 3,890 lb (1,765 kg)

External Weight capacity: 3,890 lb (1,765 kg)

Capabilities: Firefighting, transport, Wire Strike kit, GPS with XM Weather, Sat Phone, 2 AM radios, 2 FM radios.