Eurocopter AS350 B3

The Eurocopter AS350 is a single-engine light helicopter that offers a wide cabin and excellent range. It is a popular aircraft among the military and governments around the world. The B3 is a high performance version, famous for being the first helicopter to land on Mt. Everest.


Length: 35 ft 10 in (10.93 m)

Rotor diameter: 35 ft 1 in (10.7 m)

Height: 10 ft 3 in (3.14 m)

Disc area: 966 ft² (89.75 m²)

Range: 357 nm (662 km)

Maximum speed: 155 kn (178 mph)

Cruise speed: 132 kn (152 mph) 

Service ceiling: 23,000 ft 

Rate of Climb: 1,959 fpm @ max gross weight

Engines: Arriel 2B

Horsepower: 848 shp

Crew: 1 (pilot)

Capacity: 5 passengers

Empty weight: 3,000 lb (1,360 kg)

Max. gross weight: 5,225 lb (2,370 kg)

Internal Weight capacity: 5,225 lb (2,370 kg)

External Weight capacity: 6,175 lb (2,800 kg)

Capabilities: Passenger/cargo transport, HEMS, government transport.