Our Company

Construction Helicopters, Inc. (d/b/a CHI Aviation), is proud to be a United States owned and operated company. Incorporated in 1980, we provide safe, efficient and reliable IFR and VFR services to our clients globally.

We offer a wide range of vertical lift solutions, which enables us to develop a customized contract that will meet and exceed your project requirements and expectations. Our dedicated team of professionals has over 250 years of combined aviation experience, which ensures that our clients receive outstanding performance, exceptional communication, strong attention to detail, and the highest safety standards each and every time your mission is in our hands. CHI Aviation pilots complete a rigorous qualification process before their first commercial operation. Our skilled maintenance crews receive ongoing education to continuously stay abreast of the latest technology and skill training in accordance with the FAA specifications. It is our goal that our customers receive nothing but the best personnel in the field.
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Safety Culture

Safety audits are an integral part of a compliant Safety Management System (SMS). While internal audits are an important part of a complete SMS, the independent scrutiny by external auditors demonstrates the company’s commitment to compliance, environmental and safety regulations, and ensures the performance and effectiveness of the Safety Assurance component of the CHI Aviation SMS program.

In addition to internal audits, CHI Aviation external and regulatory Safety Audits include:

  • The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
  • The Department of Defense (DOD)
  • The US Forest Service
  • Major Oil companies such as Shell Oil, BP, Chevron Oil, and ConocoPhillips

We are ISNetworld compliant, allowing companies to go on line to verify that we meetboth client-specific and regulatory standards. ISNetworld verifies contractors as compliant and safe prior to working. We maintain an A or GREEN rating with our customers.


Worldwide Operations

CHI Aviation and Helimax Aviation independently operate on‐demand under FAA Parts 133, 135, and 137 certificates.

Operational expertise includes:

  • Fixed- and Rotary-Wing PAX/Cargo/COMBI transport
  • Precision External Cargo
  • Offshore Oil & Gas Transportation
  • Search & Rescue: Day/night, NVG, VFR or IFR operations
  • Fixed- and Rotary-Wing Emergency Medical Services
  • Wild land Fire Support
  • Charter Flights
  • Class D Human Hoist Operations

Experience includes world-wide locations such as:

  • Austere and congested urban locations
  • Barrow, Alaska
  • Canada
  • Caribbean
  • Mexico
  • Africa
  • Afghanistan
  • Brunei
  • Australia
  • East Africa

The Heligroup Organization

CHI Aviation is a subsidiary of The Heligroup organization, which has four operating and three asset-holding companies
Heligroup Holdings, Inc.
100% Owned Subsidiary Operating Companies
Construction Helicopters, Inc.

(d/b/a CHI Aviation) chiaviation.com
C Corporation (Delaware)
Focus: Aircraft operator for the Construction and Government Markets

Helimax Aviation, Inc.

C Corporation (Michigan)
Focus: Aircraft operator for the Fire Fighting and Utility Markets

CHI Transportation, LLC

Michigan Single Member LLC
Focus: Ground Support Operations, including Fuel Trucks

100% Owned Subsidiary Asset Holding Companies
Heligroup Fire, LLC

Montana Single Member LLC
Owns: 3 Boeing CH-47D (Chinooks), 1 Bell 212HP, 4 Bell 205A-1++, 1 Airbus H125 (A-Star) and 1 S-61 helicopter which are leased to CHI & Helimax

Tandem Rotor, LLC

Montana Single Member LLC
Owns: FAA Type Certificate (TC) for a civilian-use Boeing CH-47D Chinook helicopter

Airborne Suppression Technologies , LLC

Montana Single Member LLC
Owns: Proprietary water tank designed for fire-fighting use in Chinook helicopters