Safe, Reliable, Quality Air Since 1980

Founded in 1980 by Don Werner and Pete Moyer, for the first 16 years of our existence our operations were largely local, our fleet was small, and our focus was on our specialization — heavy-lift aerial construction (hence the company’s name—Construction Helicopters Inc.).

In 1996, after the company was acquired by Chris Turner, we began to notch considerable operational milestones with increasing regularity, as we broadened our scope of operating certificates, aircraft, the sectors we serviced, and where we flew. Today, CHI Aviation leads the industry in the provision of aerial crane, US Department of Defense-approved fixed- and rotary-wing passenger and cargo transport, aeromedical services, aerial firefighting, Search-and-Rescue (SAR), logistics support and ad hoc passenger transport services from bases in Howell, MI; Sacramento, CA; Afghanistan; and East Africa.
Began PR/CASEVAC Operations in Yemen Supporting SOCCENT
Founded Resolute ISR
Completion of CH-47D Tank for Firefighting
Sold Preferred Avionics
Began Operations in East Africa Supporting SOCAFRICA
Began CASA 212 Operations
Began CASA 212 Operations
99% Fleetwide ORR
2x Afghan Task Orders Awarded
2x Afghan Task Orders Awarded
BOA With USTRANSCOM for Air Ambulance
Obtained RW & FWAir Ambulance and NVG OpSpecs Approvals

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