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Our highly versatile fleet allows us to match machine to mission, and meet or exceed our diverse customer base’s needs, every time. No matter how challenging the mission, no matter how remote or austere the operating environment – CHI Aviation provides turnkey solutions.

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The S-61N is one of the most versatile heavy lift helicopters available and has demonstrated its capabilities in missions ranging from construction, power line, oil and gas passenger and cargo transport, wild-fire suppression, NVG, aeromedical, Class D human external cargo, disaster relief and military mission support.

Range: 450 nm (833 km)
Cruise speed: 120 kn (138 mph)
Crew: 2 pilots
Capacity: 19 passengers
Max. gross weight: 22,000 lb (9,980 kg)
Internal Weight capacity: 6,660 lb (3,020 kg)
External Weight capacity: 10,000 lb (4,540 kg)

Standard day, sea level


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