CHI Aviation Helps Hospital With Architectural Finish

On June 20, 2021, CHI Aviation performed an external load operation at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Our team conducted this unique operation to complete the architectural finish of the building. These decorative walls and supporting steel structures were unable to be finished by conventional means. Instead, CHI Aviation and Berlin Steel installed these components with CHI Aviation’s Sikorsky S61N helicopter.

At 8 a.m., CHI Aviation began lifting the segments of the structure. Within 2 hours, the project was complete. The helicopter descended into the street a total of 17 times to pick up loads and affix them to the roof of the structure. The helicopter would land for fuel after a few loads while the team on the roof safely connected the components. The helicopter required the support of a fuel truck stationed nearby.  

This challenging operation required first installing the steel framework, followed by the installation of the actual panels. Each lift had precision placement conducted by CHI Aviation and Berlin Steel personnel. The lifts required the coordination of several downtown entities. This project was brought forth by coordinating efforts with Berlin Steel, the hospital, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), The City of Philadelphia, and CHI Aviation to complete the complex building and street closures. 

With the help of all involved, this project was successfully and safely completed. We at CHI Aviation, consider that another win in the books! To learn more about our services and what we do, please visit our website.