CHI Aviation Makes Build Possible With Sikorsky S61N Helicopter

CHI Aviation took flight for an external load operation to help complete the architectural finish of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. With the hospital operational and located in the city of West Philadelphia, the build was unable to be finished by conventional means. The challenges were stacking as a helicopter was the only way to move the large decorative walls and supporting steel structures. However, CHI Aviation made the build possible with the Sikorsky S61N helicopter in under two hours.  

The collaboration on this project proves the importance of teamwork on any project as the CHI Aviation team worked with many different departments to make this build happen, both safely and efficiently. CHI Aviation worked with downtown entities like the City of Philadelphia, the hospital, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), and Berlin Steel. As CHI Aviation lifted and placed the beams via helicopter, Berlin Steel stepped in to install the components. The entire project took the Sikorsky S61N helicopter 17 lifts into the street to pick up loads and affix them to the structure. 

The complex building, collaboration, and street closures were all successfully and safely completed. We at CHI Aviation consider that another win in the books! To learn more about our services and what we do, please visit our website.